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1st NYC Vegetarian Food Festival This Sunday!

Even if you aren’t a vegetarian or vegan, the first ever NYC Vegetarian Food Festival promises lots of free and delicious food this Sunday, April 3rd. Check out the website:

Designing Mobility for Democracy: The Role of Cities (Workshop at NYU, 4/14)

Designing Mobility for Democracy: The Role of Cities
NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge
New York University

NYU, Kimmel Center, Eisner & Lubin Auditorium.
60 Washington Sq. New York. 4th Floor
14 April 1:00pm – 5:00pm

“Urban transport is a political and not a technical issue. The technical aspects are very simple. The difficult decisions relate to who is going to benefit from the models adopted.”

Enrique PeƱalosa, Mayor of Bogota (1998-2001)

The Institute for Public Knowledge at New York University is hosting a half-day workshop on one of the critical dimensions of the contemporary city: mobility. Led by NYU Global Distinguished Professor Ricky Burdett, the open workshop will explore the social, cultural and political aspects of movement and transport systems and how they affect urban inequality. Speakers will discuss how time and space are mediated by a city’s ‘mobility DNA’, and how transport patterns determine access to jobs, social facilities and the public realm. Drawing on recent innovations in transport policy and practice in Cape Town, London, Bogota, Seattle and New York, the workshop will also address the role of governance in making cities fairer and more democratically accountable to its citizens.


– Ricky Burdett, Global Distinguished Professor, NYU and Professor of Urban
Studies, London School of Economics

– Jon Orcutt, Director of Policy, Department of Transportation, City of New
York and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Public Administration, Robert F.
Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, New York University

– Richard Sennett, University Professor of the Humanities, New York
University, and School Professor of Sociology, emeritus, LSE

– Saskia Sassen, Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology, Columbia University,
and Co-Chair Committee on Global Thought, Columbia University

– Gerald Frug, Louis D. Brandeis Professor of Law, Harvard University
Edgar Pieterse, Professor, and Director of the African Centre for Cities,
University of Cape Town

– Diane Sugimura, Director of Planning and Development, City of Seattle

– Fabio Casiroli, Professor of Transport Planning, Faculty of Civil
Architecture, Polytechnic of Milan

– Tim Stonor, Loeb Fellowship, Harvard Graduate School of Design, and Managing
Director, Space Syntax Limited

Please RSVP here:

Graduate Student Spaces in Bobst Library

Looking for a place to do your work? Bobst Library has a variety of spaces to fit your needs.

Please see our guide to locate a space that matches your preferred research environment:

Be sure to check out our reservable graduate collaborative rooms. These rooms come in a variety of sizes, from small 1-2 person rooms, to 4-6 person rooms, to rooms that hold 10-12. To reserve a graduate collaborative room, please go here:

— The NYU Libraries Graduate Student Working Group

Eight Draper Students Participate in Upcoming GSAS Threesis Challenge! (April 9)

By now, you’ve seen announcements about GSAS’ upcoming Threesis Challenge on April 9th–a quick fire academic competition in which participants present the work of their thesis or other final project to a panel of judges in three minutes or less. GSAS has just made the list of participants available on their website, and we are delighted to congratulate and send our well wishes to the seven Draper students who are participating.

Draper’s challengers (and the theses they are presenting) are as follows:

  • Christopher Cappelluti: Time – In – Narrative – As – Identity
  • Tamara Day: New and Multiple Versions of Creolite
  • Shanna M. Farrell: The Hudson River Project: Ecological Violence and the Fishing Community
  • Eric Hodges: Messianism in Ding Ling’s The Sun Shines over the Sanggan River, and Zhou Libo’s The Hurricane

  • Whitney Johnson: Dialogs of Identity in Roman Antioch
  • Justine Vianne Lee: Delinquency or Prevention?
  • Kyle Munkittrick: The Species Ethic and Human Enhancement
  • Kaitlyn Widlak: Mountains Are Your Mind: The Poet as Mythographer in Gary Snyder’s Early Poetry

To see the full list of participants, see here. RSVPs can be made here. Remember that there will be an audience favorite award, so come out and support your fellow Draperites!

What You Can Do with a Ph.D. in the Humanities: This Friday!

Lisa Duffy-Zeballos, Director of Art Research, International Foundation
for Art Research
Claire Fowler, Senior Associate Dean, Princeton University
Deborah Gaines, Editorial Consultant
Michael Shae, Senior Editor, The New York Review of Books
David Speedie, Senior Fellow, Director, U.S. Global Engagement Program,
Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs
Lisa Waller, Director of the High School, The Dalton School
Co-sponsored by:
The Humanities Initiative, the Graduate School of Arts and Science, and
the FAS Dean for Humanities Office
Friday, April 1, 2011, 2:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
20 Cooper Square, 5th floor conference room
Reception to follow
An opportunity for Ph.D. students in the humanities to hear about the
professional journeys and choices of six talented individuals who have
made homes for themselves in a variety of careers. The afternoon will
feature brief remarks by colleagues in the fields of publishing,
secondary school education, academic advising, the arts, foundations,
and business. Students will then have the chance to speak individually
with our speakers.
To register, please click on the following link:
For more information contact Asya Berger, Director of the Humanities
Initiative, at