Eight Draper Students Participate in Upcoming GSAS Threesis Challenge! (April 9)

By now, you’ve seen announcements about GSAS’ upcoming Threesis Challenge on April 9th–a quick fire academic competition in which participants present the work of their thesis or other final project to a panel of judges in three minutes or less. GSAS has just made the list of participants available on their website, and we are delighted to congratulate and send our well wishes to the seven Draper students who are participating.

Draper’s challengers (and the theses they are presenting) are as follows:

  • Christopher Cappelluti: Time – In – Narrative – As – Identity
  • Tamara Day: New and Multiple Versions of Creolite
  • Shanna M. Farrell: The Hudson River Project: Ecological Violence and the Fishing Community
  • Eric Hodges: Messianism in Ding Ling’s The Sun Shines over the Sanggan River, and Zhou Libo’s The Hurricane

  • Whitney Johnson: Dialogs of Identity in Roman Antioch
  • Justine Vianne Lee: Delinquency or Prevention?
  • Kyle Munkittrick: The Species Ethic and Human Enhancement
  • Kaitlyn Widlak: Mountains Are Your Mind: The Poet as Mythographer in Gary Snyder’s Early Poetry

To see the full list of participants, see here. RSVPs can be made here. Remember that there will be an audience favorite award, so come out and support your fellow Draperites!

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