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Contacts for Prospective Students

Dear Students-

Throughout the year, applicants to Draper request to be put in touch with current students who would be willing to answer questions about faculty, courses, and their overall experience in the program. In such cases, we generally email the questions to current students, who then respond directly to the applicant.

If you would be willing to answer questions for prospective students from time to time, please email us (draper.program(at) with your preferred email address and your primary research interests. (We try to match applicants with students who have similar academic interests.) We will always ask your permission before sending you questions to answer, and you will, of course, never be obligated to respond to such inquiries. We know that the academic year is very busy, and that you may not always have time to speak to prospective students.

Thanks very much!


Calling All Queens-Based Artists!

Queens International 2012 Open Call

Calling all artists living or working in Queens!

Submit your artists’ materials to be considered for Queens International 2012 at the Queens Museum of Art. A tradition since 2001, Queens International is a biennial of artists living and/or working in Queens which brings together a vibrant borough through contemporary visual art in all media. An ambitious look at a borough’s dynamic and growing community of artists that now reaches from Corona to Long Island City, from Ridgewood to Little Neck, and from Douglaston to Rockaway. Queens International historically featured between 40 and 60 artists and produced a small, well-regarded catalogue.

Past Queens International participants include Judith Barry, Cheng Chi Chang, Rosemarie Fiore, Tommy Hartung, Leslie Hewitt, Zhang Huan, Ryan Humphrey, Emily Jacir, Wardell Milan, Clifford Owens, Alejandro Alamanza Pereda, and Liz Phillips, among many others.

Click here to read about previous Queens Internationals.
Queens International 2012 will open in February 2012.

Application deadline for artists’ materials: September 9, 2011
Physical submissions will be returned without viewing. Submissions made in-person will not be viewed. Only online submissions will be accepted. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.

Click here to submit to Queens International 2012

Access to Health Center Over the Summer

Dear students:
If you are not currently enrolled in fall classes in other departments but need access to NYU’s Student Health Center over the summer, please contact Draper prior to your medical appointment. Several Draper students have been asked to provide letters from our program confirming that they are still enrolled, as services at the Center are restricted to active NYU students. Since Draper’s advising/registration period falls later than that of many other departments in GSAS, the Health Center simply needs confirmation that you’re still working toward your degree. But once you have a signed letter from Draper confirming that you are a current student, you won’t have any trouble accessing services at the health center.
Feel free to call or email Draper with any questions.

Alumna Katie Blankenship Answers the Draper Dozen

Draper alumna Katie Blankenship (2009) recently got in touch with us about a career opportunity at the New York City Rock Camp (NYCRC), a nonprofit music education day camp for girls and boys ages 9-17 that she created following her graduation from Draper. We asked Katie to answer some questions about her time at Draper and activities now (‘The Draper Dozen’). Her answers are below.

The Draper Dozen

1. When did you graduate from Draper?


2. Did you attend as a full or part-time student?

Full Time

3. Do you still live in New York?


4. What do you like the most about New York?

The opportunities available in the arts for both career and leisure, the culture, and the food!

5. What do you dislike the most about New York?

The cost of living

6. What was the topic of your Master’s thesis?

Non-profit art administration

7. Why did you choose to pursue an interdisciplinary degree at Draper?

I was drawn to the wide array of classes and topics of study.

8. What project/career/interest are you pursuing now?

Law and Nonprofit art administration

9. What special activities or projects do you enjoy outside of your academic work and/or career?


10. What was the last book you read for fun?

Ken Follett, Pillars of the Earth

11. What are three things that you wouldn’t want to live without? Music, fresh food, my dog
12. Any words of wisdom for current Draper students?

Be mindful of your student loans and plan ahead on how you will repay them!

Flickr Commons Photofinds for the 4th of July

Happy 4th! Enjoy the long weekend!

Photo by Flip Shulke, Part of U.S. National Archives Collection

Photo by Danny Lyon, Part of the U.S. National Archives Collection

Marion Duncan in costume for 4th of July play: Tavares, Florida” (1890)
Part of the Collection of the State Library and Archives of Florida