One Month from Today…

Two Important Reminders for Friday, December 16!

Thesis Submission for January Graduates

Please be reminded that those of you who intend to graduate this coming January will need to submit your completed and approved Master’s thesis to Draper no later than one month from today: Friday, December 16. Any theses received after 6:00 PM on December 16 will be held over for May graduation. There will be no exceptions.

For more information on thesis guidelines, please see Draper’s Web site, here:

All thesis related forms–including a sample cover page and second reader sheets–can also be downloaded from the Draper website, here:

If you have any questions or concerns about the thesis submission or graduation processes, please feel free to email us at

Draper’s Year-End Celebration Party

After you’ve turned in your thesis and/or had your last class for the semester, stop by Draper to celebrate the end of another busy year with food, wine, and general merriment. Feel free to bring your loved ones!

Let us know if you’re coming: RSVP to

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