Journalism Course Open to Draper Students: Writing for a Wide Readership

The Carter Journalism Institute has opened one of its spring courses, “Writing for a Wide Readership,” to outside students. This class is not crosslisted with Draper, but can be taken toward our degree requirements. If you have any questions about credit distribution, contact Draper at Otherwise, you can contact Matthew Stehney directly at for information on how to enroll.

JOUR-GA 60.001 Writing for a Wide Readership:

How to translate the specialized languages of particular disciplines in order to reach a larger public is at the heart of this course. Too often, specialists find themselves hostage to the arcane tongues of particular disciplines. Yet they possess knowledge that often cries out to be understood by a broader public. The course will concentrate on the structure of good storytelling, the marshaling of evidence, the unfolding of convincing narrative, and the rhetorical style necessary for turning useful work into memorable writing. Good writers are good readers and this course will explore some of the more successful practitioners of public writing and the art of advancing an argument for a general readership, including, among others, Lewis Thomas, George Orwell and Joan Didion.

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