Call for Papers: Thinking Through Collapse (Due this Wednesday, Dec. 7)

Please note the deadline for submission is this Wednesday: December 7th.

Thinking Through Collapse

Friday, March 23, 2012

In the past year we have been confronted with many sites of present and impending collapse: the collapse of oppressive regimes in the Arab world, a global economy pushed to its limits, our own political system in paralysis, the teetering of the fourth estate, continuing environmental collapse and so on. In each of these sites, visions of apocalypse exist alongside those of renewal, inviting the imagination of new forms of organization and sustainability. In the academy, they are prompting new interdisciplinary assessments of the conditions – historical, social, political, economic, cultural, technological – that have brought us to these limits, and are forcing the question: where might we go from here?

In light of the above, the 2012 Neil Postman Graduate Conference takes Thinking Through Collapse as its theme. We hereby invite faculty, masters students and doctoral candidates whose work touches on questions of limits, collapse and renewal across disciplines to submit proposals for our spring conference.

Email (“call for papers” in the subject line) with a 300 word abstract of scholarly or artistic work widely related to the conference theme.

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