Draper Student Profile: Angela Leroux-Lindsey

Angela Answers the Draper Dozen

1. When did you start at Draper?

Fall 2010.

2. Are you a full or part-time student?

Part-time; I work full-time at NYU to subsidize my MA tuition.

3. Where are you from?

I grew up just outside of Boston.

4. What are your primary research interests?

Science studies and its intersections with lit theory.

5. Why did you choose to pursue an interdisciplinary degree at Draper?

My interests are sort of widespread, and I wanted a program that would allow me to explore the connecting threads of what could be considered disparate fields.

6. What do you plan to do after Draper?

I’m not sure yet.

7. Do you have any special activities or projects outside of your academic work?

I’m the editor of a literary magazine, as well as for an independent publishing company; I’m also a freelance writer.

8. How does living and studying in New York impact your educational experience?

The access to so many intellectual and artistic outlets—from the NYPL to the Bowery Poetry Club to the World Science Festival—is intoxicating, and really inspires me to participate in events and projects outside of NYU, which in turn inform my academic work.

9. Is there any one place (museum, library, shop, park, etc.) in New York that is your favorite? Why?

That’s an impossible question, ha! I love Central Park, and the Frick, and the Strand, but would have to say that listening to live music or a poetry reading in the East Village is my favorite “place” in the city. Working full-time and being in school can be a hectic schedule, and occasionally it’s a relief to sit, have a drink, and let my mind do nothing but enjoy what’s happening around me.

10. Coffee or tea?


11. Are you a fan and/or user of social media? Why or why not?

Sure, I think social media is an easy, effective, and fun way to connect. I use Facebook, I blog.

12. What was the last book you read for fun (not for class or research)?

The Pale King by David Foster Wallace. Also—if I can plug—Instructions for Killing the Jackal by Erica Wright is phenomenal.

13. If you were not in academia, what would you be doing?

I think being a nature photographer would be pretty awesome.

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