Municipal Art Society: Call for Interns

Call for Interns

The Municipal Art Society Intern Program offers undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to work closely with senior staff on current MAS advocacy and program development. Interns will be exposed to a broad range of urban design, planning, and preservations issues facing New York City. By attending required MAS programming and networking opportunities, interns have the opportunity to further develop strong analytical, communications, and organizational skills and a better understanding of the urban design, planning, and preservation nonprofit landscape in New York City. The Municipal Art Society is seeking interns to contribute to the organization’s most significant projects and initiatives. Positions currently available include:

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  • Development Intern

  • Public Programs Intern

  • Greenacre Reference Library Intern

  • Jane’s Walk Intern

  • Arts and Culture Intern


    The deadline to apply is February 15, 2012.

    Application Instructions:

    To apply, please email a resume and cover letter indicating preferred positions to, attention: MAS Intern.


    Applicants should have a strong interest in urban design, planning, preservation and livability in New York City and are working toward either a bachelor or master degree in urban studies, geography, political science, communications, non‐profit management, library science or a related field. It is crucial that MAS interns possess strong organizational and written and verbal communication skills. MAS interns are expected to be able to work both independently and in group settings, while simultaneously completing multiple projects. All candidates must be able to use both Mac and PC platforms expertly.

  • Position Descriptions:

    Development Intern

    Working with the Development department, interns will be exposed to nonprofit fundraising in New York City. Interns will work on a variety of projects requiring great attention to detail including a range of board related activities, donor research and researching event spaces for MAS fundraising events. The development intern will also assist in organizing the annual MAS gala on April 19th that serves as our largest fundraiser during the year.

    Greenacre Reference Library Intern

    Reporting to the library manager, interns will be involved in all aspects of library maintenance, including collection, cataloguing and assisting visitors in their research. It is important for any applicant to have an interest in current affairs, as interns will be responsible for reading and clipping relevant articles from online publications and saving them to our digital library. During the internship, familiarity with the Library of Congress’s classification systems will be developed in order to catalogue books and articles. The intern will be required to keep a daily log of their activities. Ability to climb a library ladder is helpful but not required.

    Public Programs Intern

    Reporting to the Vice President of Public Programs and Marketing, the public programs intern will assist in various aspects of program planning, including content development, marketing, event production, promotion and post‐production logistics. This internship position is highly collaborative and offers the opportunity to work with and learn from MAS staff across departments. Applicants should have strong interest in New York City, current events, urban affairs, and event production. Applicants must also be highly organized and detail oriented with the ability to write, proof read and work on several projects simultaneously.

    Jane’s Walk Intern

    Jane’s Walk was started in Toronto 2007 by a group of Jacobs’ friends and admirers who aimed to celebrate her extraordinary impact on city life. Today, Jane’s Walk takes places in over 80 cities around the world, where local people host walks, and invite others to take their ‘eyes to the street’ and experience the city. MAS works to coordinate this program in New York City. Reporting to the Manager of Tour Programs, the Jane’s Walk intern will help connect with new walk leaders, develop ideas for new areas in the city to cover, help publicize the walks via our website, Twitter and Facebook, and answer questions from the public, participants, and walk leaders. The intern will be expected to be available all day Saturday, May 5 and Sunday, May 6. This internship is ideal for students with interests in community organizing, local activism, and marketing this great program toward the diverse mix of people who love New York City.

    Arts and Culture Intern

    Reporting to the Vice President of Arts and Cultural Development, the intern will assist in efforts to identify, document, and assess community‐based cultural and economic development efforts citywide. He or she will also be exposed to stakeholders working regionally and nationally who are developing models, collecting and interpreting new data, and promoting best practices and innovation in this evolving sector. Applicants should possess a deep interest in arts policy and a willingness to travel broadly around New York City visiting cultural economic events, reporting their discoveries, and helping to shape observations within the context of MAS’s overall program objectives. Applicants must also be highly organized, and detail oriented with the ability to write clearly and concisely, work with quantitative data in spreadsheets, and work in a collaborative environment.

    Planning and Policy Intern

    The Planning and Advocacy department is seeking an intern to work on all facets of the MAS Livable Neighborhoods Training. Livable Neighborhoods offers New York City‐specific workshops on a range of planning topics including community organizing, the use of census data to understand neighborhood concerns, the role of the environmental review process, as well as instruction on the creation and implementation of comprehensive plans. Under the supervision of the Director of Planning, the Planning and Policy intern will be responsible for conducting research to revise and rewrite the current Livable Neighborhoods Toolkit. The intern will also be instrumental in helping to coordinate the event logistics for the day‐long Livable Neighborhoods Training session, which will be held in May 2012. Applicants must be currently enrolled in a graduate program in urban studies, planning, architecture, historic preservation, or a related field. Strong organizational, written and verbal communication skills are required. The selected candidate is expected to be able to work both independently and in group settings and should be able to successfully manage multiple projects.

    Please note the deadline to apply is February 3, 2012. Please provide a 1‐2 page writing sample when applying.

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