IMPORTANT: April 1 Deadline for Lapsed Incomplete Grades

Dear Students:
The GSAS Dean’s Office has announced their intention to begin strictly enforcing policies regarding incomplete grades. After April 1, 2012, grade changes will not be permitted for any incomplete that has extended beyond one academic year without an approved extension and/or has lapsed to an F.
Until that date, the Dean’s office is allowing students to rectify current Incompletes that should have expired or have already lapsed to an F. If you currently have an unresolved Incomplete or F on your transcript from a course that you took an incomplete in, please contact Draper as soon as possible to discuss how best to handle your situation. In some cases, extensions of incompletes may be possible. 
Going forward, please remember that GSAS policy states that students who take an incomplete in a course have one year from the *beginning* of the semester in which the course was taken to complete the work and receive a final grade. If the course work is not completed within this time, and the student has not been granted an extension, the ‘I’ will turn into an ‘F.’ 
Extensions for incomplete grades are often granted–please be sure to contact Draper if you think that you’ll need even a short amount of extra time to complete outstanding coursework. 
GSAS’ complete policy for incomplete grades can be found in section 3.6 the Policy and Procedures manual here.

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