A Talk Presented by NYU’s Romanticist Reading Group, 4/18

The NYU Department of English  
The Romanticist Reading Group of NYU 


“Modern Nature; or, Imagination Revisited”

Anahid J. Nersessian (Presenter, Columbia English and Comparative Literature)

Maureen N. McLane (Respondent, NYU Department of English)

20 Cooper Square, 4th Floor Flex Space
Wednesday, April 18th
6 – 8 pm

**Snacks and wine will be served**
“This talk suggests some new possibilities for ecological critique by revisiting the familiar, gently antiquated concept of the Romantic imagination. Through readings of William Cowper, Dorothy Wordsworth, and the late-Romantic artist and filmmaker Derek Jarman, I propose a return to literary and aesthetic questions about how we imagine, represent, and make sensible phenomena which are intermittently or not at all available to the senses.” 
– Anahid J. Nersessian

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