Save the Date for the DSO’s Upcoming Conference: Arriving at Confluence (Sat. April 28)

Arriving at Confluence
Saturday, April 28
3:00 – 6:00 PM
14 University Place, 1st Floor
Wine and refreshments will be served.  
Arriving at Confluence is an interdisciplinary graduate conference organized by the Draper Student Organization. This semester’s conference focuses on the connections between social upheaval and new forms of media/art.
Presentations include:
“Toward a Cinema of Revolution: 18 Days in Tahrir Square”
Walker Gunning
“Dawn of the Web: Cyber Anxiety and Zombies”
Weldon Press
“And out of the rubble comes a glorious noise: Artistic Responses to Violence & Collapse in Ireland”
Yvonne Garrett
“Street Art Intervention: ‘Ossario’”
Nicholaus Gutierrez

As well as fiction and poetry selections from the Draper Program’s graduate journal, Anamesa.

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