Draper Conference: Write-up & Event Photos

Many thanks to all of the presenters and attendees at this past Saturday’s first annual Draper Master’s Program Interdisciplinary conference: “Arriving at Confluence.” 

Excellent presentations were given by Walker Gunning (Toward a Cinema of Revolution: 18 Days in Tahrir Square), Weldon Pless (Dawn of the Web: Cyber Anxiety and Zombies), Yvonne Garrett (And out of the rubble comes a glorious noise: Artistic Responses to Violence and Collapse in Ireland), and Nicholaus Gutierrez (Street Art Intervention: “Ossario”). Their scholarship was provocative and informative on all counts, and led to fruitful audience engagement. We were very lucky to have Draperite Chris Tracy read his poem Coelacanth, to be published in the upcoming Spring edition of Anamesa. Poems by Lauren Nicole Nixon and Charlie McCrary, also set to appear in Anamesa, were featured on the day’s program as well. 

We know this is very busy time of year for everyone, and very much appreciate the enthusiastic participation of all students and faculty involved, as well as the generous support of the Draper Program in helping to make this inaugural conference a success! 

This event was organized by the Draper Student Organization (Scott Silsbe, Valentine Lysikatos and Bridget McFadden). If you have ideas for future events or are interested in being more involved, get in touch or emaildsonyu@gmail.com

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