ATTENTION DRAPERITES! Spring 2013 Advisement dates set

All students wishing to register for spring 2013 classes must have an advisement appointment.

Students may call beginning at 9:00am on November 1 to schedule advisement appointments.
Appointments will take place the following dates:
November 13-16
November 19
November 26-27
January 14-15
We will be putting our spring class schedule on the website as soon as possible and will notify you on when it’s up. Please note that the Draper listings on Albert will not be accurate until we have our website schedule set.
University-wide registration opens on Albert on November 12. Per usual, if you are interested in non-Draper courses, you are free to contact the originating department and register at that time. For all Draper courses (anything on our upcoming spring 2013 schedule), you’ll need permission numbers given at your advisement appointment.
If you are writing your thesis in the spring and do not need to take classes, please be sure to register for maintenance of matriculation as soon as it is available on Albert. MAINT-GA 4747, class #1449.

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