CFP: Oxford University Human Welfare Conference

Well defined? Interdisciplinary understandings of human welfare

Green Templeton College Human Welfare Conference VI

University of Oxford, May 3-4th

Call for papers

Ideas about what makes us fare well vary within and across cultural, social and national borders, as well as among academic disciplines. These diverse understandings shape our societies and determine which outcomes matter, providing the framework within which individuals and communities work to improve human welfare. The annual Green Templeton College Human Welfare Conference aims to engage with the specific challenges of attempting to systematically improve human welfare in both academic and professional contexts. Fostering debate across a broad range of academic disciplines (from the sciences, medicine and business to the humanities and social science) is essential to this aim. Therefore, papers should typically encourage discourse and debate on what human welfare means to people across disciplines and cultures.

The sixth edition of the conference invites graduate students from all disciplines to submit papers (based on their own original work) that either:

  • Address the conceptualisation of human welfare, based on the perspectives of a specific discipline or a given cultural understanding, or
  • Contains an interesting process of defining, operationalising and/or measuring the concept of human welfare, as part of an empirical study or other piece of work.

Examples may include such diverse topics as:

Philosophical discussion of what constitutes human welfare/wellbeing

Human welfare in the context of science, technology and medicine

Defining human welfare in relation to human rights

How ideas of human welfare might be shaped by migration and global movement

Please submit your abstract (500 words max) with a title to by February 15, 2013.Submissions will be reviewed anonymously and evaluated based on research excellence and relevance to the theme.

For more details, please see

New: involving organisations beyond the University

The 6th HWC aims to involve local non-university partners (NGOs and other organisations with a focus on human welfare) in order to broaden the scope of the conference and facilitate future collaborations. If you have links with such organisations or know someone that does, and you feel that your organisation cannot be missed at the HWC, please contact Anna Perris ( about the possibility of taking part in the conference.

Conference Description

The annual GTC Human Welfare Conference brings together leading student-scholars from around the world to debate welfare issues that have real-world ramifications. It is organised by students, and in keeping with tradition, the 6th HWC will take place in the Radcliffe Observatory, Green Templeton College. Participants will be able to present their own original work related to human welfare and relevant to today’s challenges. Discussions will be led by established academics, with the conference being opened and closed by prominent keynote speakers. The Human Welfare Conference offers participants an excellent opportunity to develop their personal and professional skills and to meet graduate students from a range of disciplines, as well as world-leading academics.

About Green Templeton

Green Templeton College is Oxford’s newest graduate college, founded in 2008 following the historic merger of Green College and Templeton College. Its distinctive academic identity derives from its focus on subjects relating to human welfare, ranging from medicine and management studies through to education and the social sciences. It has a strong emphasis on linking scholarship with the professions, practice and policy, and seeks to further public understanding of science and the challenges facing societies. International in membership and lively and supportive in spirit, Green Templeton aims to lead the way in graduate education in Oxford.

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