Threesis Applications Due Tomorrow!

The GSAS Threesis Application is only open for 1 more day!!! Don’t miss out on an opportunity to win $1000 in this academic competition. Send your completed application to by Friday, February 1st

Take advantage of this invitation to engage with an interdisciplinary community of scholars while building on communication skills, having fun and possibly walking away with $1000.

Last year’s 1st place winner Christopher Cappelluti’s had this to say about the Threesis experience: 

”When a prospective employer asks about what you know or what you can do, you don’t hand over a fifty-page thesis to explain yourself. Instead, you keep it simple. The Threesis Academic Challenge is an opportunity to distill your fifty-page work of genius into an understandable business card. It is more than an exercise in academics; it is preparation for real life situations and conversations. It is a test to see if you truly understand what you’ve spent so much time and money learning. The Threesis prepared me to explain my research to anyone—from experts in the field to strangers at an airport.”

You can request your application by sending an email to

Send your completed application to by February 1st.

Check out highlights from last year’s challenge and the winning presentations here:

To compete in the GSAS Threesis Academic Challenge you must apply, participate in a Threesis mentoring workshop and advance out of the Qualifying Rounds held on Friday, April 12, 2013 and the finals take place the following day, April 13, 2013 in the afternoon. You could win this year, but only if you apply by February 1st.

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