From the NYU Libraries Student Working Group: Meet a subject librarian and take a survey!

Hello from the NYU Libraries:
Did you know?

The NYU Libraries have subject librarians skilled in every discipline. Subject librarians can help you find and use the best resources; help you discover the key works, methodologies and theories in your field; and connect you with other resources that support your research.
You can find contact information for your subject librarian(s) by going to Or visit us physically at one of our reference desks or virtually at – we’ll connect you with the best person to help with your research needs.


Annotating with PDFs? Take a survey!

  • Do you wish you could annotate and organize your PDFs more easily?
  • Would you like to sync your PDF collection between your home computer and laptop or mobile device, or share PDFs with a group?
  • Do you already use applications such as RefWorks or EndNote to manage your references, and want to learn how best to integrate their associated PDFs into your workflow?
The Coles Science Center at NYU Libraries, in collaboration with the Graduate Student Working Group, is currently assessing potential interest in software and web-based tools for PDF management. If you are interested in learning more about the different features of tools like Mendeley, Papers, Zotero, and other applications that can help with organizing, annotating, syncing, and sharing your PDF collection, please take our survey here:
If you provide your email address at the bottom of the survey, you will be contacted with information on upcoming library classes about software and web-based tools for PDF management. Thanks!

The NYU Libraries Graduate Student Working Group
for more information —

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