Summer Course Announcement: Media Ethnography and Practice Led Research

Good morning Draperites,
See information below about a summer course offering: “Media Ethnography and Practice-led Media Research.” This course could be particularly useful to any who might be designing a thesis project with a media and practice component.
If you would like to take the course, just let Robert Dimit know –
Media Ethnography and Practice-led Media Research
Mo, Tu, We, Th 4:55pm- 7:40 pm;  May 28, 2013- Jun 15, 2013
Washington Square Campus

Allen Feldman

Associate Professor

Department of Media Culture and Communication

New York University.

The course focuses on the theories and methods of media/sensory ethnography, visual culture, and media archeology, through the linked topics of transcultural and trans-local processes, diaspora identities, the post colonial and human rights. The curriculum is aimed at graduate students from diverse disciplines who want to explore creative media practice as a research methodology. This course provides students with theoretical and practical grounding in multi-sited action research in trans-cultural and transnational settings. Through social historical and trans-cultural ethnographic perspectives practice-led pedagogy promotes a self- reflexive contextual and critical understanding

of the use of media for the conduct and dissemination of research and the creation of social knowledge through participatory cultural production. Practice-led media research is the theory, social history pedagogy and circulation of social science and humanities research through the production of film, video, internet, visual arts and other screen/audio based media. Practice-led research overcomes divisions between social theory and action-research, and between creative practice and evidence-based research. An important focus is the use of visual media to convey ideas and distinctive understandings about the world. There is a strong emphasis on comprehending visual phenomena in cross-cultural perspective and on the multifarious roles played by media in processes of identity and cultural formation in the world today.

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