Travel Grant Results!

Good afternoon Draperites,
I hope everyone is having a lovely summer. We have selected the final Travel Grant recipient for the 2012-2013 school year:
Aaron Plasek
Conference: Digital Humanities Summer Institute 2013
Paper Presented: “Exploring the Void of Theory Between Authorial Attribution Techniques and Literary Style”Congratulations to Aaron!

If you are unfamiliar with the Travel Grants, read on: 

The Draper Program, throughout the academic year, awards five $200 grants to Draper students who are selected to present papers at academic conferences. The awards are meant to defray the cost of travel, so that students are able to present outside of the New York City metro area. Winners are randomly selected from the applicants for each period. The periods are:
September 1 – October 31
November 1 – December 31
January 1 – February 28
March 1 – April 30
May 1 – June 30
Students who will be presenting at a conference within or after each drawing period are welcome to apply. (Example: if a conference falls on November 15, a student may apply to the drawings for both Sept 1 – Oct 31 and Nov 1 – Dec 31.)
See the form or email us at if you’d like more info on the process.

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