New Students! Save the Date for the Draper Orientation, 8/29

Incipient Draperites!
Please mark your calendars for the Draper New Student Orientation: Thursday, August 29, at 6pm. It will be held directly across the street from Draper at 13-19 University Place, in room 102 (an auditorium on the main floor — there will be signs).
Our directors will welcome you and talk about being a new student, our faculty will go over their upcoming courses, and you’ll hear from representatives from our student-run journal, Anamesa, and the Draper Student Organization.
We’ll follow all that with food and drinks back at the Draper offices, where you’ll be able to talk further with our faculty and student reps.
If you cannot make it to the orientation — that’s fine! We can cover all the necessary details when we talk to you for advising. And, as always, you can with questions.
I look forward to seeing you there!

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