Draper Student Organization Mentor/Mentee Program Fall Sign Up!

Good afternoon Draperites, 
Please consider signing up for our Draper Student Organization’s Mentor Program. Please direct any questions to dsonyu@gmail.com.

Hello new and seasoned Draperites!

The goal of the Draper Student Organization is to connect Draper students and one way of doing so is through our informal mentor program.  The DSO Mentor Program brings first and second semester Draper students together with senior Draper students to form new connections and allow students to benefit from the experiences of fellow Draperites.
MENTEE: If you are a new incoming Draper student, please consider signing up to be a mentee.  You will be matched with a senior Draper student based on similar interests, backgrounds, and/or goals who will become your mentor.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions and talk about life as a Draper student.
MENTOR: If you are a more senior Draper student, please consider signing up to be a mentor.  You will be able to share your wisdom, experience and advice and will gain valuable mentoring skills that will be an asset for your future career.
The DSO Mentor Program could help you widen your network with just the right people to enhance your career, get through your class assignments, or simply have insightful discussions over the topics you’re interested in.  We will match mentors and mentees based on the information they provide and connect them by email. Mentors and mentees can then decide how, where, when, and how often they want to connect. Sign up today, expand your network, and form a new mutually beneficial and lasting relationship. We encourage mentees to become mentors in the future.
Please fill out the attached form (it is an editable PDF) and email to dsonyu@gmail.com by Friday, August 30.  We will match up mentors/mentees and contact you by September 3rd.

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