Master’s Thesis Workshop for Draperites

Professor MacPhail will be hosting a weekly writing workshop for those working on their theses projects. To join in, you must have an advisor and be looking to file at the end of the fall or spring terms.

The workshop will be held on Fridays from 4-8 pm in the Draper Conference Room. Please bring your laptop and any other materials you may need for each session. Students must be willing to commit to attending all sessions.

The workshop format will be as follows: 4 writing blocks of 50 min each, with 10 min breaks. No cell phones or internet allowed during writing time. Each night we’ll briefly discuss writing strategies and any writing problems that arise from the session. Please note: There will be no discussion of individual topics or subjects. Only writing issues will be shared with the whole group.

To be approved to participate, please send an email to Prof. MacPhail with your topic and thesis advisor’s name. Also indicate where you are in the project (just beginning, working on a second draft, etc.).

The workshop will begin on Sept. 13. No class on Oct. 11, Nov. 22, Nov. 29. Final wrap-up session on Dec. 6.


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