Charles Payne: Inaugural Edmund Gordon Lecture, Teachers College, 10/10

You are invited to join us for Charles Payne’s Inaugural Edmund Gordon Lecture, part of the Educating Harlem Lecture Series, at Teachers College, Columbia University,Thursday, October 10, 2013. A reception begins at 5 pm, and the lecture at 6 pm. 
“Whatever Happened to the Negro Question? Educational Discourse and the Lost Question of Race” 
To what extent has thinking about education and the making of education policy substantially engaged issues of race and racism? From 1930s radicals debating whether the “class question” trumped the “Negro question,” to Brown v. Board of Education‘s focus on segregation, but not unequal power and exploitation, Charles Payne argues that there has been an historic avoidance of thinking directly about race and education. Both an esteemed voice on American civil rights movements and a keen observer of contemporary school reform efforts, Payne will discuss how historical accounts provoke key questions for educators today. 


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