CFP and Student News!

Recent alum Austin Gallas is helping to organize a graduate student journal for George Mason University Cultural Studies, and love to see submissions for Draperites: 
As an interdisciplinary journal, Cultural Studies Journal welcomes papers by emerging scholars in Anthropology, Literature, Media Studies, Communication, Sociology, History, Philosophy, Women and Gender Studies, Science and Technology Studies, Area Studies, African American Studies, and other disciplinary backgrounds. Articles may involve empirical research, analytical contributions based on established theory, or new theoretical interventions. Position pieces, research papers, and book reviews are welcome.
Submission will be accepted until 1 December 2013.
See the attached flyer or their website for more information:
Current Draperite Barbara Leung recently had a paper published in the peer-reviewed, Danish-based journal
Her paper, entitled The Armenian Genocide, from the lens of National Geographic examines the framing of the Armenian Genocide in that publication, posing questions about whether or not the framing is “accurate,” the influence the institution plays in collecting these “records,” and more. 
Congrats to Barbara! 
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