Interviewees needed for Environmental Rights Social Movement Thesis

Hi all,

Please see the below request from Draperite Kari Dietrich. If you work in an environmental- or human-rights-oriented field, or know someone who does, please contact her!

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Mentors,

Many of you are aware that I’m currently writing my master’s thesis. As part of the research for my thesis, I’m trying to come in contact with a number of professionals who work in fields where environmental matters and human rights intersect.   Attached is the consent form and another document housing a brief summary with questions for those interested in participating. Could you pass this along to people whose work and/or activities fit into this category? My contact details are included, so potential subjects can get back to me directly.  If, rather than write answers, anyone would prefer to have a brief conversation with me directly, I am happy to arrange that.
Thanks for your time and consideration. Any questions, feel free to get back to me.

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