Potential Employment for Grad Students

Draper alum Hillary Sites, the Staffing Director of Where There Be Dragons, an experiential education company, sends us several job postings at her company, see more below:
The education company that I have been working with for the last 5 years runs truly transformational courses and the key to this whole process is the instructors that we hire.  They have a hand in designing each course, writing curriculum, mentoring students, and teaching what they love while in a myraid of different settings.  Everything that I learned at NYU I was able to apply in the field while teaching.  It is a great opportunity.  Plus, I do remember how hard it was to find jobs after graduating.
We are in the position to be hiring new field staff.  I have attached a few job ads and would love to post in an alumni newsletter or circulate it within Draper.  Please let me know if you need more information.
Many thanks,
Hillary SitesStaffing Director & Southeast Asia Program Director
Global citizenship & leadership programs in the developing world since 1993

Latin America Sourcing Posting

Dragons 2014 – Southeast Asia Job Posting

MIddle East Sourcing Posting

Dragons – Nepal Sourcing Ad, NEW GRAPHIC 2014_jg

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