Fwd: Another article and an interview, from Alex

Congrats to the following Draperites who have recently had work published!

From current student, Nancy Ross:

— Letter translations that were published in Temporales, the online journal of the Creative Writing in Spanish program at NYU: http://www.revistatemporales.com/ 
These three letters can serve as an introduction to the collection of letters, Cartas a Ricardo, that Rosario Castellanos wrote to her husband, Ricardo Guerra Tejada. In her letters, Castellanos struggles to define herself in her multiple roles: writer, teacher, mother, stepmother and wife. Nancy thinks of her translations of this work into English as a kind of conversation. 

From Draper alumn Alex Carp:

— A a mini-profile of Bruce Schneier, the cryptographer who recently revealed that he’d been working with Glenn Greenwald to decipher the NSA/Snowden documents. At Politico Magazine:
— For Guernica’s issue on the American South, an interview with Bryan Stevenson, an Alabama public-interest lawyer who is known mostly for taking cases related to the death penalty, unfair sentencing, and prosecutorial misconduct, but who recently started a different kind of project: locating former slave markets and lynching sites across the country, and, for the first time, marking these sites publicly and officially, as worthy of historical significance and commemoration.


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