May 21, 7:00PM: Nina Hien curates LOOPY (A Vine Art Symposium) at BRIC House

The Draper Program’s own Nina Hien has curated a symposium examining Vine as a new artists’ medium. Nina will be giving a short talk about what makes Vine a seductive medium for artists, followed by screenings of the world’s foremost Vine channels and a Vine “symphony” by interactive design artist Daniel Liss.

Loopy: a Vine Art Symposium will explore this new medium and the practices of making “art” and telling stories in an immersive evening of channeling Vine artists and their magical works. Join Vineographers inkyviolet, pouringdown, Fariba– and Mermaid Hawley for a splendid evening from their corner pocket of Vine! Other featured Viners to be announced closer to the event.

May 21, 7:00PM – 9:00PM at BRIC House. Complete Event Info Here.

More information will be posted on Vine and Twitter at #LoopyVineArt & @LoopyVineArt


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