Draper Open House Tonight, 5/23

Please join us for a Draper Program Open house tonight, Friday May 23, at 6:00pm.
We will begin with Robert Dimit, our associate director, giving an overview of the program and its structure. We’ll also have Draper students give a brief talk about Anamesa, our student-run-journal (and a useful peek into a project many Draper students are involved in each semester). There will be a question-and-answer period following, and then we’ll break for coffee and donut holes, and a meet and greet some of our staff and students.
Draper is located at 14 University Place, 1st floor. We’re just south of the intersection of 8th St. and University Place, and our entrance is on the west side of University, through a wrought-iron gate and down three steps. There is a walking map here, for reference, with directions from all the nearest subway stops. If you get lost, please call our main line: 212-998-8070.
Let us know if you have questions!

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