Congratulations to Our Hirschhorn Award Nominees and Winner!

Draper would like to congratulate our 2013-2014 Hirschhorn Award nominees and winner! The Hirschhorn is given annually to the most outstanding thesis written by one of our students during the previous year. Theses are judged on the originality of the project, the strength of the research, and the quality of the writing.

This year we had ten total nominees. The winner is Jonathan Reeve (January 2014). All thesis titles are listed below.

Mario Cancel-Bigay (May 2014)
The Puerto Rican New Song Movement and its Aesthetics: Between the Modern and the Postmodern

Claire Butkus (January 2014)
Fantasy Voices: A Model for Subversive Female Vocality in “Badlands” and “Heavenly Creatures”

Alyson Cluck (January 2014)
Radical Acts and Archives: Reframing Conceptualism in New York and Rosario

Kari Dietrich (January 2014)
Bordieu’s Social Theories, Symbolic Capital and the Genesis of a new Social Field: Are the Calls for Global Environmental Human Rights a Social Movement Yet?

Adrian Drummond-Cole (May 2014)
The Great Transportation: Containerization, Trade Globalization, and the Rise of Finance

David Ferris (September 2013)
Pierce and the Temporal Core of Pragmatism

Claire Grandy (May 2014)
Water. Night. Red. The Structure of Desire in the Poetry of Ann Carson

Caroline McNamara (January 2014)
Everywhere/ Everywhen: The Theory of Relativity and Modern Narrative Structure

Natalie A. Schaad (September 2013)
Fighting a War on Multiple Fronts: How Soldiers Understand their Experiences of Sexual Assault in the United States Military

And Our Winner:

Jonathan Reeve (January 2014)
Macro-Etymological Textual Analysis: A Computational Application of Language History to Literary Criticism

Congratulations to all of our nominees, and to our winner Jonathan Reeve!





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