Roommate Opportunity

Second Year Draperite Matthew Zundel is seeking a new roommate to sign a lease with, or to move into a place where someone needs a room filled. His search criteria are as follows:

I am currently looking for someone to sign a lease with starting out this new year. As per rent and location I am looking to spend no more than $750/mo but preferably $700 or lower. I’m looking primarily in Harlem/Washington Heights/Inwood and in various parts of Brooklyn. Move in/lease signing could either be September 1st or October 1st, depending on your own interest and availability.

And just a little bit more about me, I focus on Gender and Sexuality within the program and I will be writing my thesis on an Italian gay liberation theorist and his literary works. I’ve had an unforgettable experience in Draper so far, and would very much like to finish my last year in the company of more draperites!

If you are at all interested in either signing a lease with me or having me fill a vacancy in your room then you can email me at mpz214[at]

Thanks so much for your time and here’s to an exciting new school year!

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