Spring 2015 Draper Academic Advisement

Spring 2015 Academic Advisement is now up on Draper’s News and Events page, and below.

All students wishing to register for spring 2015 courses must have an advisement appointment.

Students may call Draper’s main line – 212-998-8070 – beginning at 9:00am on Monday, November 3, to schedule advisement appointments. If unable to call, please email draper.program[at]nyu.edu as soon as the scheduling period opens and someone will reply as soon as possible. Advisement can be done over the phone if needed, please specify when making your appointment.

Appointments will take place the following dates:

  • November 17-20
  • November 24
  • December 2-3
  • January 21-22

The spring 2015 course schedule will be available through the main page of the Draper siteĀ starting in November.

University-wide registration opens on Albert on November 17. Per usual, if you are interested in non-Draper courses, you are free to contact the originating department and register at that time. For all Draper courses (anything with the DRAP-GA heading), you’ll need permission numbers given at your advisement appointment.

Any student *not* registering for credit-bearing courses in spring 2015 must register for Maintenance of Matriculation as soon as it is available on Albert.

See more registration and Maintenance information on our Registration FAQs!


Students planning to graduate in fall 2014 must hand their theses and related paperwork in to the Draper office — hard copy and original signature required –by December 16, 2014, 5:00pm.

Students planning to graduate in spring 2015 must have their Thesis Topic Approval Forms to Draper by December 16, 2014 (email is fine). You must also register for graduation on Albert by January 6, 2015.

Also see:

Thesis guidelines, forms, and paperwork checklist

Thesis FAQs

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