Eduardo Cadava, “Forests of Memory”, Monday, November 24, 6pm, 1501 IAB, Columbia University

The School of the Arts, the Department of Art History & Archaeology, and Global Cultural Studies welcome you to a public lecture by


Eduardo Cadava
Department of English, Princeton University
“Forests of Memory”
6pm, Monday, November 24
Room 1501, International Affairs Building
420 West 118 Street, New York

Columbia University

Eduardo Cadava is a prominent contemporary American literary and philosophical critic and thinker. He joined the faculty at Princeton University in 1989. He is a Professor in the Department of English and an Associate Member of the Department of Comparative Literature, the School of Architecture, The Center for African-American Studies, The Program in Latin American Studies, and the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies.

Cadava has written extensively on topics ranging across literature, philosophy, photography, architecture, music, democracy, war, memory and forgetting, race and slavery, human rights and citizenship, and the ethics of decision. He has published three books, co-edited three books, published over fifty essays, and translated several works from French into English.


The tree crosses global boundaries. In its dealings with the sun, it is a natural photograph. Reading Argentine photographer Marcelo Brodsky’s memory-work on trees, this essay explores the braided relationship between photography, writing, literature and the question of how to read in a time of political and environmental catastrophe.



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