Feb 16 Deadline: Calling all Writers, Philosophers, Artists, Photographers and Historians!

Here’s an interesting opportunity to get involved with a new publication from the Humanities Initiative at NYU that might interest some Draper students!

Calling all Writers, Philosophers, Artists, Photographers and Historians!

The NYU Humanities Ambassadors are producing our first publication showcasing student work and reflections from Humanities professionals-in-the-field. Our mission is to strengthen the voice and identity of undergraduate Humanities students, with a focus on exploring how a Humanities education can prepare students for diverse career paths.

We need your help to develop this publication – this is your chance to let your voice be heard! To have your work considered, submit a response to the following prompt:

How do the Humanities connect with your identity as a student, or as a burgeoning professional in your field?

We are seeking essays, stories, poetry, photography, film, audio recordings, and everything in-between (or beyond).

Send submissions to nyuhumanitiesambassadors@gmail.com (any digital submissions should be emailed in the highest resolution format possible)

Contact Alex Taylor (amt535@nyu.edu) or Thomas Collins (tc1288@nyu.edu) with any questions.

Submission Deadline: February 16, 2015

Find more information here: http://humanitiesinitiative.org/


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