Polonsky Foundation Graduate Student Workshops in Digital Humanities

For Draperites who are interested in digital humanities:

Bobst Library and GSAS are partnering to offer the 2015 Polonsky Foundation Graduate Student Workshops in Digital Humanities. The workshops provide NYU graduate students an intensive introduction to tools and methods for digital scholarship through day-long, hands-on sessions with experts in the field. The topics cover diverse approaches to research, ranging from text markup and analysis to data visualization and mapping.

Space is limited. You must register to attend. All workshops will be held in Bobst Library.

The workshops include:

Bibliographic Metadata for Digital Humanists, April 3rd, 9:30-4

Taught by Molly Hardy, American Antiquarian Society

This workshop will introduce methods for extracting metadata from different types of online catalogs and will include a brief overview of Machine-Readable Cataloging (MARC), the chief format for bibliographic information.

Geospatial Analysis and the Digital Humanities: Principles, Tools, and Process, April 10th, 9:30-4

Taught by Andrew Battista and Him Mistry, NYU

Digital humanists often incorporate Geographic Information Systems (GIS)  into the process of interpreting texts and culture. This workshop will explore some of these methods as we integrate several data sets into GIS software and mapping platforms designed for digital humanities inquiry.

Copyright Issues for Digital Humanists, April 17th, 2-5pm

Taught by April Hathcock and Monica McCormick, NYU

This workshop will start with an overview of general copyright issues, and then delve into specific issues and practical applications of copyright law in digital humanities.

DH101, May 27th, 9:30-4

Taught by Miriam Posner, UCLA

Many DH projects rely on a core set of skills: finding, cleaning, and organizing data; asking meaningful questions of that data; and visualizing it. In this workshop, we’ll work together on one set of sources, going from zero to DH project over the course of a day.

DH DevOps: Core Skills and Foundations, May 29th, 9:30-4

Taught by Dennis Tenen, Columbia University

Building on the DH101 workshop, we will cover the foundations of critical computing in the humanities.

Introduction to TEI, June 2nd, 9:30-4

Taught by Deena Engle and Marion Thain, NYU

This session will teach the basics of coding in XML (eXtensible Markup Language) using the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) Guidelines.

Large Scale Text Analysis with R, June 3rd, 9:30-4

Taught by Mark Algee-Hewitt, Stanford

In this workshop, we will explore the different methods through which text mining can be used to “read” text in new ways.

Introduction to Project Development, June 8th, 9:30-4

Taught by Jennifer Guiliano, IUIPU

This workshop will explore the fundamentals of project planning and design.

Content, Curation, and Publication: Using WordPress and Omeka to Tell Scholarly Stories, June 10th, 9:30-4

Taught by Kimon Keramidas, Bard Graduate Center

This workshop will explore how the platforms WordPress and Omeka can help scholars publish their work by creating dynamic digital publications and exhibitions.


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