Drawing Together: Solidarities, Pictures, and Politics

The University of Rochester Graduate Program in Visual and Cultural Studies invites you to attend
Drawing Together: Solidarities, Pictures, and Politics
An interdisciplinary graduate studies conference in Rochester, NY
April 17-18, 2015 — Free and open to the public
“Solidarity” recalls notions of inclusivity, activism, and movement. Adopted from the French solidarité in the early 19th century, the word continues to indicate the communal union of interests or aspirations, as well as collective responsibility. From its use by labor unions to its association with socialism and communism, solidarity has historically been made to bear a sense of the political. We recognize in the powerful images of recent events a renewed need to assess strategies of togetherness, both historical and contemporary. We propose this topic with the aim of critically engaging pictures and their power to mobilize both differences and commonalities. Can we envision solidarity outside the pursuit of common political aims? Can we find common ground amidst different struggles?

Highlight of Events:

Friday, April 17 – Goergen Hall 101, Sloan Auditorium

4:00 PM – Keynote Address

Jared Sexton, Associate Professor of African American Studies and Film & Media Studies and Director of African American Studies at the University of California, Irvine
A Violence Indifferent to Hope: On an Image from Black Lives Matter

5:30 PM – Panel 1: Labor and Self-Determination

7:30 PM – Opening Reception, Hartnett Gallery

Saturday, April 18 – LeChase, Genrich-Rusling Room

10:00 AM – Panel 2: Collectivity and Collaboration

1:30 PM – Panel 3: Communities and Projections

4:00 PM – Panel 4: Reconsidering Solidarity

Generously sponsored by the Graduate Program in Visual and Cultural Studies; the Graduate Student Association; the Susan B. Anthony Institute; the Frederick Douglass Institute; the Department of Anthropology; the Department of English; the Film and Media Studies Program; the Department of History; the Humanities Department – Eastman School of Music; the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures; the Department of Philosophy; the David T. Kearns Center for Leadership and Diversity in Arts, Sciences and Engineering; and the Dean for Diversity Initiatives.

Please visit our conference website for a full schedule of events, paper abstracts, and more information about our individual presenters: http://humanities.lib.rochester.edu/vcsconference/. RSVP to our Facebook event for more updates: https://www.facebook.com/events/832495483496742/


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