Update: Where in the World is Georgia Lowe?

Below is an update from our former program administrator Georgia Lowe! Please continue reading to see what she’s been up to!

Hello, Draperites!

It does not seem so long since I held down an administrative role at Draper and got to regularly commune with you fine folk — always the highlight of the job. I hope you are all exceptionally well as you exit the spring semester and enter the summer, whatever it holds.
I am teaching yoga now! Many of you asked where. Here, at long last, is the info:
I currently teach at two different studios in Brooklyn: Dou Yoga in Clinton Hill and YogaSole in Windsor Terrace.
At Dou, I teach Tuesdays at noon and Wednesdays at 8:15pm. Both classes are designed to have 15 minutes of quiet at the end — meditation, restorative, breath work — it’s a very nice mid-day break or way to wrap up the evening.
At YogaSole I teach Tuesday nights, an open level flow at 6:30 and at 7:55 a gentle/basics.
I also am in the middle of the second series of prenatal classes on Sunday afternoons at YogaSole for any mamas-to-be!
Finally, I’ve really been enjoying doing one-on-one yoga teaching and would happily extend my friends-and-family rate to any Draper students or grads.
All this info and more is on my website, www.georgialoweyoga.com. When and if I finally manage to get some Manhattan-based classes on my teaching schedule, that info will go up as well!
It’s a crazy new life! I love it, and still think of you all often. Congrats again on the end of the spring semester!

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