Language Teaching Opportunity: Speaking Freely 2015-2016

Teaching Opportunities with NYU Speaking Freely—2015-2016 Academic Year

NYU Speaking Freely is a foreign language coaching program offered to current NYU students and employees, free of charge. Classes are conducted for 10 weeks during the Fall and Spring semesters and meet once a week for 75 minutes. Our instructors are primarily graduate students, and the program offers a unique opportunity for graduate students to develop their teaching skills while working with highly motivated students in an informal setting. The program also provides instructors the opportunity to supplement their income.

Additional information can be found at To be eligible to teach, applicants must submit a cover letter and resume and be eligible to work at NYU. Preference is given to graduate students pursuing a degree at the University, as well as native speakers.

​ Classes are scheduled based on instructor availability, and instructors can chose the number of classes they would like to teach.​

Application materials can be sent to Kaitlin Blakemore at kb1606[at]

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