Center for the United States and the Cold War- Fall 2015 Seminar Lineup

Below is the Cold War seminar lineup for the Fall 2015 semester. Each of the papers will be sent out a week before each seminar. Each seminar will begin promptly at 4:00pm.

September 24th– Michael Bustamante, Yale University, “Anti-Communist Anti-Imperialism?: Agrupación Abdala and the Shifting Contours of Cuban Exile Politics, 1968-1986.”

Commentator- Ada Ferrer, New York University

October 1st– Kathryn McGarr, Princeton University, “‘Off-the-record’: The Roots of National Security Exceptionalism in Post-War Washington Reporting”

Commentator- TBA

October 22nd – Masha Kirasirova, Center for the United States and the Cold War Fellow, “My Enemy’s Enemy: Consequences of the CIA Operation Against Abdulqasim Lahuti, 1953-1954.”

Commentator- Timothy Naftali, New York University

October 29th– Michael Koncewicz, New York University, “Nixon’s Failed War on MIT: How the OMB Stopped the President’s Attack on Elite Universities”

Commentator- Ellen Schrecker, New York University

November 12th– Renata Keller, Boston University, “‘We Will Fight for Peace’: Mexico, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Cold War in Latin America”

Commentator- Eric Zolov, State University of New York, Stony Brook

November 19th– Timothy Naftali, New York University, “Thinking in JFK Time: How Laos shaped the Bay of Pigs”

Commentator- Marilyn Young, New York University

December 3rd– Sara Fieldston, Baruch College, “Forging the Free Child’s Armor: American Child Welfare Overseas During the Cold War”

Commentator- Talya Zemach-Bersin, Yale University

You can find a list of other public programs at Tamiment here:


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