Slavoj Žižek Lecture on Oct. 14: Is Hegel Dead—Or Are We Dead in the Eyes of Hegel?


Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis.

The event will be taped and can be viewed on the Deutsches Haus YouTube Channel later this fall.

Deutsches Haus at NYU and the Department of German at NYU present a talk by Slavoj Žižek, professor of Philosophy and Psychoanalysis, who will speak on “Is Hegel Dead—Or Are We Dead in the Eyes of Hegel? A Hegelian View of the Present Age.”

Slavoj Žižek will be introduced by his mastress, Avital Ronell.

Slavoj Žižek, Ph.D., is a senior researcher at the Institute of Sociology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and a visiting professor at a number of American Universities (Columbia, Princeton, New School for Social Research, New York University, University of Michigan). He obtained his Ph.D. in Philosophy in Ljubljana studying Psychoanalysis. He also studied at the University of Paris. Slavoj Zizek is a cultural critic and philosopher who is internationally known for his innovative interpretations of Jacques Lacan. He is the author of The Indivisible RemainderThe Sublime Object of IdeologyThe Metastases of Enjoyment; Looking Awry: Jacques Lacan through Popular CultureThe Plague of Fantasies and The Ticklish Subject.

Avital Ronell 
is a University Professor in the Humanities and in the Departments of German and Comparative Literature at New York University. Her research spans the fields of literary studies, psychoanalysis, feminist philosophy, political philosophy, and ethics. As Jacques Derrida Professor of Philosophy, she also teaches regularly at the European Graduate School in Saas-Fee, Switzerland. Among her recent books are Loser Sons: Politics and Authority (University of Illinois Press, 2012); The Test Drive (University of Illinois Press, 2007); Stupidity (University of Illinois Press, 2003).


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