Internship Opportunity – Leclef Photo Inc.

Leclef Photo Inc. is looking for a studio/research assistant to help with various duties such as:

  • Research and draft writing for fine art projects
  • Organization and draft writing for grant opportunities, gallery submissions
  • Day to day digital support work involving organizing data, image optimization, and editing of still and motion capture
  • 1-2 days/week
  • Stipend: $30/day
  • Start date: November 2015


  • Experience in research, online, and analog
  • Experience with Photoshop and Lightroom is desirable
  • Organizational skills
  • Fun personality, dedication, and good work ethic

The studio handles the fine art and commercial projects of Marc Ohrem-Leclef. Since the publication of Marc’s book Olympia Favela, demand for the studio has grown considerably. The workload has expanded from servicing commercial clients to giving fine art projects more exposure and handling of press requests. Research of new projects is an important part of the world.

Please email your resume to[at]

Leclef Photo Inc.

67 North 7th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11249

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