Today & Tomorrow at NYU: Speech unbound / Ungebundene Rede: On prose and the prosaic

Speech unbound / Ungebundene Rede: On prose and the prosaic

Thursday, October 29 – Friday, October 30

Deutsches Haus at NYU

Deutsches Haus at NYU and the NYU Department of German present the conference “Speech unbound / Ungebundene Rede: On prose and the prosaic.”

A two-day symposium with Christopher Wood, Shira Brisman, Richard Halpern, Florian Fuchs, Avital Ronell, Moritz Bassler, Christiane Frey, Adrian Renner, Doreen Densky, Eyal Peretz, Juliet Fleming, Susanne Lüdemann, Lydia Goehr, and Anastasiya Osipova.


Thursday, October 29
2:00   Christopher Wood, NYU
Introductory remarks
2:30   Shira Brisman, University of Wisconsin
“The Unassembled Grammar of the Drawing in the Era of Reform”
3:15   Richard Halpern, NYU
“The Skin of Prose”
4:00   break
4:15   Florian Fuchs, Yale University
“The Prose Act”
5:00   Avital Ronell, NYU
“Phrasal Regimens”
5:45   break
6:00   Moritz Bassler, University of Münster
Keynote address, “The Semiotics of Prose and the Problem of Realism”
Reception following talk

Friday, October 30
9:30   Christiane Frey, NYU
“Prosaic distinctions: Hegel contra Schlegel”
10:15  Adrian Renner, Yale University
“‘Like a painting’: Picturing Prose”
11:00  break
11:15  Doreen Densky, NYU
“Sea, Stream, and Overflow: Alfred Döblin between Verse and Prose”
12:00  Eyal Peretz, University of Indiana
“The Messiah of the Mute – Chaplin and the Birth of Cinematic Speech”
1:00   lunch break
2:15   Juliet Fleming, NYU
“Font Cise”
3:00   Susanne Lüdemann, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich
“Binding the Unbound: Prose and the Problem of Form”
3:45   break
4:00   Lydia Goehr, Columbia University
“The Tendency to Prose: From New Music to Laconic Wit”
4:45   Anastasiya Osipova, NYU
“Theory of Adventure: Victor Shklovsky’s Autobiographical Prose”
6:00   Christopher Wood, NYU

Speech unbound / Ungebundene Rede: On prose and the prosaic is a DAAD-supported event.

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