Personal Narratives, Global Identities

Professor Anna Deavere Smith
ASPP-GT 2013-001
4 points
Class meets Sundays from 1/31 to 4/10
1:00pm – 5:00pm
A story of self – of a product one wants to sell, or a mission statement one wants to put forward – is an important part of moving about in the world, whether for personal, professional, political or artistic reasons. The seeds of those stories are within us. This course will use acting and performance techniques to broaden students’ personal narratives. Students will create performance pieces and in the process, they will expand their self-awareness as well as their awareness of others.
This is an interdisciplinary class, and we encourage students from all departments to participate. If you are interested in narrative of any kind: interactive or linear storytelling, games or invented worlds, this class is for you. If you are interested in identity and how it is represented in business, in the realms of social justice, in education or in personal life, this class is for you.
Limited enrollment. To apply for this course, send an email to Use the subject line Application for Personal Narratives. Attach your resume to the email as a pdf file. You should also create a 2-minute (maximum) video in which you introduce yourself and speak about why you would like to take this course. Please upload the video to the web and include the link in your email (rather than attaching the full video.) Applications are due on/before Monday, November 23rd at noon. Contact Stephanie Schneider in Professor Smith’s office with any questions. 212-998-1813.

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