Tomorrow Feb 3: Irene Gendzier- Dying to Forget: Oil, Power, Palestine, & the Foundations of U.S. Policy in the Middle East

Irene Gendzier will discuss her new book Dying to Forget: Oil, Power, Palestine, & the Foundations of U.S. Policy in the Middle East at the Tamiment Library on Wednesday February 3 (6:007:30 PM). The event is sponsored by the Frederic Ewen Center.

Copies of Dying to Forget will be available to purchase.

Irene L. Gendzier is professor emerita in the Department of Political Science at Boston University. She is also the author of Notes from the Minefield: United States Intervention in Lebanon and the Middle East, 1945–1958 and Frantz Fanon: A Critical Study, and she is a coeditor, with Richard Falk and Robert Lifton, of Crimes of War: Iraq.

On Dying to Forget:

“Drawing from a rich variety of sources, many previously untapped, Irene L. Gendzier provides a most valuable reinterpretation of the roots of U.S. policy towards Israel and the Palestinians. In particular, she shows convincingly that the crucial choice for planners was not ‘oil versus Israel,’ as commonly believed, but rather ‘oil and Israel,’ and demonstrates no less convincingly that the secrets of the past that she uncovers are intimately connected with ‘the troubled present.’ A very significant contribution.” — Noam Chomsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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