Thursday, Feb 25 | 12 pm | Dan Hallin on Big Pharma: “Finding the Buzz, Patrolling the Boundaries…”

Finding the Buzz, Patrolling the Boundaries: Medicalization and Mediatization in News Coverage of Big Pharma

Dan Hallin, Professor of Communication at the University of California-San Diego, will be speaking at the NYU Department of Media, Culture, and Communication

Thursday, Feb. 25 | 12:001:45

239 Greene Street, 7th floor, Room 741



Sociologists and Anthropologists of medicine have made important arguments about what is often called medicalization or biomedicalization, which involve an extension of biomedical logics into increasingly wider areas of social life. Another growing body of scholarship focuses on mediatization, making a parallel argument about the extension of media logics into other social fields. How do we make sense of the place where these two social fields, media and biomedicine, intersect? Are these two theories contradictory? Which field is extending its power over which?  Can both processes be going on at once? In this presentation Hallin explores the relation between biomedicalization and mediatization at one of the prime sites where both are clearly evident, in the pharmaceutical industry.

Building on research carried out with medical anthropologist Charles Briggs, Hallin explores forms of boundary work  through which journalists covering big pharma mediate the public circulation of biomedical knowledge.

Hallin’s talk is based on his forthcoming book, Making Health Public: How News Coverage is Remaking Media, Medicine and Contemporary Life, by Charles L. Briggs and Daniel C. Hallin. To be published by Routledge in May 2016.


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