[liblink] NYU DH Project Showcase

The NYU Digital Humanities Project Showcase will be held on Friday April 29th at NYU’s Center for the Humanities (5th floor: 20, Cooper Square). This event provides a forum for faculty, staff, and students to learn about each other’s work, create connections, and start new conversations. Open to an audience from both inside and outside the university, the event will feature the work of NYU’s vibrant and diverse DH community. Presentations will include 10-minute project presentations and two-minute lightning talks, and we will end with a roundtable discussion devoted to identifying priorities for supporting and building the DH community at NYU.


Members of NYU interested in sharing a DH project should fill out the application form at http://goo.gl/forms/ZJPqGGoUW7

Applications deadline: March 14th.


This is part of a series of NYU DH events, run though the Center for the Humanities by Marion Thain, each in collaboration with colleagues from across the university.


The Project Showcase organizing committee:

Zach Coble, Digital Scholarship Specialist, NYU Libraries;

Kimon Keramidas, Clinical Assistant Professor of DH at Draper;

Marion Thain, Associate Director of DH, NYU.


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