Fulbright Stories – Tonight!

On April 19th from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., the Office of Global Awards with the GSAS Office of Academic and Student Affairs will be hosting the first FULBRIGHT STORIES evening. This is a one-off chance to hear from students who have recently been through the application process, and who can share their tips with you: how to work with country requirements, and secure a letter of affiliation, how they developed their statement of grant purpose, approached their personal statement, and thought about about the drafting process. You’ll be given advice by students who know what you’re embarking on, and can offer insight into the process: when to work hard, and what not to sweat, the internal review process at NYU and how to manage with the sometimes lengthy application process.

The session will be held at 5 Washington Place, Room 101Click here to RSVP. 


Bridget Brasher (CAS) – Fulbright finalist, Study/Research Award to Germany
Elisa Gonzalez (GSAS) – Fulbright finalist, Study/Research Award to Poland
Cameron Sweeney (CAS) – Fulbright finalist, ETA to Germany
Rachel Welsh (GSAS) – Fulbright finalist, Study/Research Award to Spain
Christine Yurechko (Law) – Fulbright finalist, Master’s program award in the Netherlands

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program provides grants for U.S. citizens to do study or research abroad as well to teach English. Fulbright operates in more than 150 countries and grants close to 2,000 awards each year to students, scholars, artists, and teachers.

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