An Opportunity at the United Nations

The Youth Assembly at the United Nations is the largest and longest-running youth gathering at the UN. The 2016 Summer Youth Assembly will take place August 10-12at UN Headquarters in New York with the theme “Transform Vision Into Action” and a focus on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The Youth Assembly at the UN empowers youths (16-28 years old) in global arenas, specifically the UN Global Development Agenda. It’s a unique platform, which fosters dialogue and creates partnerships between exceptional youth, UN high officials and staff, the private sector, and civil society.

Their office (OGS) will sponsor a group of students to attend the 2016 Summer Youth Assembly conference at the United Nations for FREE (normally $175). The sponsorship will pay for the 3-day Youth Assembly and a souvenir. These students, however, will be responsible for their own meals, accommodations, and travel during the conference.

This sponsorship is available for NYU students who:

  • are youth leaders or aspiring youth leaders, ages 16-28+
  • could understand and speak English (translation services are not available)
  • are able to pick up the attendance badge on August 9 and are availableAugust 10-12 for the conference
  • are in good academic standing

The deadline to register is Thursday, June 30.

Apply here

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