Call for Papers: I Love Pop: An Interdisciplinary Conference. Department of Comparative Literature The Graduate Center, CUNY

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An Interdisciplinary Conference

November 10-11, 2016

Department of Comparative Literature

The Graduate Center, CUNY; New York, NY

Papers and presentations from all disciplines focusing on works from any historical period and geographical region, including literature, theory, philosophy, visual arts, film, television, social sciences, technology, and alternative media are invited. Traditional papers are welcome, as well as multi-modal presentations and performances.

Possible topics include but are not limited to:

·         Art, advertising, brands, products, food, consumption and the consumer

·         Identity within pop culture, including race and gender

·         Music

·         Technology

·         Comic books, Anime, and narrative forms across media

·         Television

·         Film, including Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood, YouTube

·         Popular magazines, journals, sports, and news media

·         Video games and gaming culture

·         Image, the body, and pornography in various media forms

·         Myth and mythology

·         Camp and kitsch

·         The internet and social media

·         Questions of discourse and intellectual property

·         Science fiction, fantasy, horror

·         The taboo, banned media, subcultures, and cult classics

·         Popular language, hybrid language, idioms, text language, and slang

·         Fashion, style, and lifestyle

·         Imitation, appropriation, adaptation

·         Questions of social class and social capital

·         Self-referentiality, pop culture icons and iconography

·         Relations between pop culture and political populism

·         Popular psychology

·         Popular science

Please submit a 300-word abstract to cunypop[at] for a 15-20 minute paper, performance, or presentation by September 1st. Proposals should include the title of the paper, the presenter’s name, a 50-word bio including institutional and department affiliation, the form that your presentation will take (if it is not a traditional paper), and any technology requests.

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