Fall 2016 Cold War Seminars

The Cold War seminar lineup for the fall 2016 semester is now available. Each of the papers will be sent out a week before the seminar.

September 22nd– David Parsons, “Dangerous Grounds: Antiwar Coffeehouses and Military Dissent in the Vietnam Era.”
September 29th– Johanna Fernandez, Baruch College, “Of Young Lords, State Repression, and the Decline of Sixties Radicalism.”
October 20th– Christopher Elias, Brown University, “Telling the Facts, Naming the Names: Gossip and the Rise of Joseph McCarthy.”
October 27th– Joseph Parrott, Yale University, “Superpower in Decline: Angola and the Domestic Divisions of the Late Cold War.”
November 3rd– Sarah Miller Davenport, University of Sheffield, “‘The Picture Window of the Pacific’: American Foreign Policy and the Remaking of Difference in the Campaign for Hawai‘i Statehood.”
November 10th– Begum Adelet, NYU Kevorkian Center, “Landscapes of Hospitality: The Istanbul Hilton and Cold War Modernization.”
November 17th– Henry Maar, Agnese N. Haury Fellow, “The Politics of the Pulpit: The Catholic Challenge to the Arms Race.”
December 1st– Lydia Walker, Agnese N. Haury Fellow, “Politics of Plaint: Nagas, Namibians, and the United Nations System.”
I have attached a copy of our flier for everyone to circulate. Please note that we will start the seminars at 4:00 PM.
You can find a full list of events at Tamiment here:

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