Thomas de Zengotita Set to Release Two New Books!

Draper’s own Thomas de Zengotita is currently in contract to release two new books, stemming in part from his coursework here at the Draper Program (in particular, his course on Modernism and his course on Heidegger & Wittgenstein).

The Historical Significance of Postmodernism: Toward New Humanism (due out in 2017)
Focusing on the theme of subjectivity, the first book locates the postmodern moment in a story about the rise of modernity in general and of modernism in particular, a story that gives access to some of the most difficult texts in the “theory” canon without dumbing them down or betraying their purpose.  On that basis, it becomes possible to ask an obvious and urgent question:  what’s next?

Toward a New Foundation for Human Rights: a Phenomenological Approach (due out in 2018)
After introducing the basics of phenomenology, the second book turns to the anthropological record in search of ethical universals that show what various human communities have in common without doing violence to their irreducible differences.  The positivist program in the human sciences, with its objectifying stance, famously failed to do that—but the early Heidegger and the later Wittgenstein created an alternative, a more suitable way to think about the human condition which this book develops in ethnographic detail.



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